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    Apr 3, 2024

    The Appraisal Institute Launches “What I Value” Appraiser-Centric Video Series Highlighting Real Estate Appraisers’ Values and Professional Value-add

    Chicago, IL, April 3, 2024 – The Appraisal Institute, the leading association of real estate appraisers, has launched the first in a series of short videos profiling real estate appraisers, highlighting their professional commitment to the public trust and the range of high-quality professional expertise and experience that designated appraisers bring to the real estate industry.


    The launch video tells the story of Maureen Sweeney, SRA, AI-RRS, a leading voice for the profession who remains intensely committed to her work as a residential appraiser while creating content for the public to better understand the real estate market and the role of appraisers in representing the public trust. Along with her commitment to better educate homebuyers (and sellers), she has authored important articles for professional journals and testified on behalf of independent fee appraisers at the Appraisal Subcommittee’s fourth Public Hearing on Appraisal Bias, and is the author of The Valuation of Condominiums, Cooperatives, and PUDs, published by The Appraisal Institute.

    Future videos in the series will tell the individual stories of a diverse group of appraisers, each with their own perspective on the challenges and opportunities they have faced, and seized, in their careers, and the ways their personal and professional values and standards have guided their journeys in the appraisal profession and real estate industry.

    Appraisal Institute CEO Cindy Chance said, "I want to thank Maureen and our other members that are telling the stories to the camera in the coming weeks. As the professional quality of our designated members becomes better appreciated and understood, the value of real estate appraisal in protecting the public trust – and in maintaining the health of our real estate industry – will be better recognized. My team and I remain committed to delivering appraiser-centric messaging through all of our communications channels, and launching this video series is the beginning of the roll-out of our plan to communicate more effectively both inside and outside our profession."

    Maureen Sweeney, SRA, AI-RRS — YouTube