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    Bylaws and Regulations

    Governing Documents of the Appraisal Institute

    Below are the Bylaws and Regulations that govern the Appraisal Institute.

    National Bylaws

    Read National Bylaws

    Model Chapter Bylaws

    Read Chapter Model Bylaws

    Regulation No. 1

    Admission to General Candidacy and MAI Membership

    Read Regulation 1

    Regulation No. 2

    Admission to Residential Candidacy and SRA Membership

    Read Regulation 2

    Regulation No. 3

    Admission to Candidacy and Appraisal Review Designated Membership

    Read Regulation 3

    Regulation No. 4

    Readmission to Designated Membership

    Read Regulation 4

    Regulation No. 5

    Use of Appraisal Institute Marks, Membership Designations and Emblems

    Read Regulation 5

    Regulation No. 6

    Peer Review

    Read Regulation 6

    Regulation No. 7

    National Committees

    Read Regulation 7

    Regulation No. 8


    Read Regulation 8

    Regulation No. 9


    Read Regulation 9

    Regulation No. 10

    Continuing Education

    Read Regulation 10