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    Scholarship Opportunities

    We’re here to help you reach your goals. The Appraisal Institute provides various scholarships through programs and initiatives spearheaded by generous valuation professionals and industry partners.

    Our scholarships reward achievement, encourage leadership, and provide financial assistance and education opportunities.

    Please check with your local chapter to learn about possible scholarship opportunities. Visit Our Chapter Directory

    AIERF Scholarships

    The Appraisal Institute Education and Relief Foundation (AIERF) was born out of the 2018 union of the AI Education Trust and AI Relief Foundation to serve real estate appraisal professionals now and into the future.

    The AIERF offers numerous scholarships to AI professionals and students dedicated to growing their practical knowledge in the real estate appraisal field.

    Learn More About Our AIERF Scholarships

    Appraiser Diversity Initiative

    We are helping lead the Appraiser Diversity Initiative in partnership with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the National Urban League.

    The Appraiser Diversity Initiative is the premier nationwide program designed to attract new entrants to the real estate appraisal field while fostering diversity in the profession.

    Is the Valuation Profession Right for You?

    Real estate appraisers, or valuation professionals, provide unbiased estimates of a property’s value. By completing various education and experience requirements, they can become licensed or certified.

    Valuation professionals play a key role in selling and refinancing decisions, zoning issues, property litigation and so much more.

    Learn more about the profession – and how AI can help you create a path for success!